There are two methods defined in 46CFR11.464 that satisfy the requirements for an MMC officer endorsement as Master of Towing.

  • The first method is based on qualifying sea service experience.

4-years (48-months) of total sea service experience that includes one-year (12-months) experience on towing vessels as Mate (Pilot) of Towing while holding an endorsement as Mate (Pilot) of Towing. If the experience is on a harbor assist tug than 18-months of the total 48 months must be as Mate.

  • The second method is based on holding an endorsement as Master of Inspected Vessels.

If you hold an endorsement as Master greater than 200 tons (meaning 500 tons or more) of inspected vessels and have 30-days training an assessment on a route and have completed a TOAR assessment for that route you can operate any towing vessel with the restrictions on the endorsement.


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