Assistance Towing & Auxiliary Sail

Commercial Assistance Towing Information

The commercial assistance towing endorsement authorizes the mariner to engage in commercial assistance towing operations within the authority of the credential. The professional requirements for this endorsement are contained in 46 CFR 11.482, which states that it may be added to any MMC endorsement as OUPV, Master or Mate with a tonnage limitation of less than 200 tons. Master or Mate endorsements with a tonnage limitation of 500 tons or more may engage in commercial assistance towing without this endorsement.

Auxiliary Sail Endorsement Information

Auxiliary sail endorsements are required for operating inspected sail and auxiliary sailing vessels. This endorsement may be added to any Merchant Mariner Credential with an officer endorsement as master or mate. The qualify sea service experience must be on sail or auxiliary sailing vessels and varies by license and route and may be referenced under the professional requirements for the master or mate endorsement.

  • Mate requires 90 days.
  • Master Inland requires 180 days.
  • Master Near Coastal requires 360 days.