Welcome to my site about professional mariner credentials!

This site contains the information on who needs professional Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), and how to get credentials for:

  • Fishing guides and charter boat captains.
  • Tugboats and towing vessels.
  • Commercial fishing industry vessels.
  • Research, cargo, supply, crew, and other work boats.

The Professional Captain License

Professional captain licenses are issued by the US Coast Guard  as Merchant Mariner Credential National Deck Officer Endorsements. Anyone who operates a vessel of any size that carries cargo or passengers for hire must have a USCG issued MMC. A passenger is anyone on the vessel that is not the operator or a member of the crew; A passenger for hire is any passenger that contributed anything of value as a condition for riding on the vessel. There are several MMC Captain Licenses issued by the USCG, each has a different authority.

Professional Deck Crew Endorsements

In addition to issuing professional captain licenses, the USCG also issues endorsements for the deck crew working on commercial seagoing vessels. These endorsements include Ordinary Seaman (OS), which is an entry level endorsement; and Able Seaman (AB) which is a journeyman’s endorsement.

How to get a professional Merchant Mariner Credential

It should be noted that this quest is not for the faint of heart; it is a quest that requires stamina and perseverance.

  1. Research the professional requirements pages to determine the license you need and the professional requirements for that license.
  2. Go to the application help pages, download the US Coast Guard forms, and complete the application process.
  3. Visit our school site (ColumbiaPacificMaritime.com) to select the class you need.

If you need assistance at any point along the way please feel free to call (503-841-6066) or email (dennis@columbiapacificmaritime.com) us.