Sea Service Experience; What is it and how to document it.

There are many miss-conceptions about sea service experience; but here are the facts. Sea service experience is a measurement of your experience on vessels. It accumulates over your lifetime, and it never expires, and is not “used up” when you apply for a Merchant Mariner Credential endorsement. There is no minimum size that a vessel must be for it count, BUT you must be able to document it for it to count.

Must of us will use Coast Guard Form 719S, Small Vessel Sea Service Form, to document our sea service experience. Use one form for each vessel you wish to document your sea service experience on. Read the instructions on the form and complete it exactly as per the instructions. have the owner, operator, or person in charge of the vessel sign the form, OR provide proof of ownership when documenting experience on vessels owned by the applicant. Proof of ownership is a copy of either the state registration or the Certificate of Documentation (COD) issued by the US Coast Guard.