Physical Exam and Drug Screening

Merchant Mariner Physical Exams & USCG / DOT Drug Screening

With only a few exceptions all MMC applications require a Merchant Mariner physical exam and USCG / DOT approved drug screening.

The physical exam must be completed on form CG 719K and must be within one year of the application date. Any medical doctor can complete the physical exam, as long as it is completed using the Coast Guard Form CG 719K. When applying for an OS rating only the lesser Merchant Mariner Fitness for Duty Form CG 719KE may be used.

The USCG / DOT drug screening must be completed at an accepted facility and must be within six month of the application date. Drug screening information and alternatives are available on Form CG 719P.

Professional Occupational Health Clinics are recommended for both the physical exam and drug screening because of their familiarity with the professional requirements of these exams. The following Occupational Health Clinics are recommended in and around the Portland area.


  • 9330 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Suite 201
  • Vancouver, WA 98662
  • Phone: (360) 597-4543
  • ARCpoint offers USCG consortium management services for commercial vessel operators requiring participation in a random drug pool.

Concentra Medical Center

  • 12518 NE Airport Way, Ste 110
  • Portland, OR  97230
  • Phone: (503) 256-2992

Northwest Occupational Health Associates

  • James E. Harris, M.D.
  • 9370 SW Greenburg Road Suite 101
  • Portland, OR 97223
  • Phone (503) 246-7030 / Fax (503) 246-0429