Application Forms

USCG CG 719 series forms.

When using the US Coast Guard forms read the instructions on the form and follow them exactly as written.

CG719B (application) The general application form required for all credential transactions.

CG 719C (conviction) If you answered “YES” to any questions in Section III (2) Convictions and Drug Use of form 719B complete this form.

CG 719K (physical) The Merchant Mariner Physical exam must be completed by a medical doctor using this form.

CG 719KE (OS physical) This replaces form 719K when applying for an OS rating only.

CG 719P (drug testing) USCG/DOT Drug Screening form with the drug screening options that are available.

CG 719S (sea service) The small vessel sea service form for documenting sea service experience on vessels less than 200 GRT.

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