Fall 2018 Course Schedule

At Columbia Pacific Maritime we are more interested in providing schedule options to the mariners we serve than having every class scheduled full. Our guarantee is that we will never cancel a class due to low enrollment. The school opens at 0730 daily, 7-days a week any day that we have a single student scheduled.

Radar Renewal (1-day $250) and License Refresher (1-day $250) courses are offered 7-days a week by appointment. Our most popular course are scheduled to start every two-weeks.

  • OUPV (8-days $1,050)
  • Master 100-ton (10-days $1,250)
  • Master / Mate 200-ton (14-days $1,900)
  • Apprentice Mate (Steersman) (16-days $2,350)
  • Master / Mate Fishing Vessels 500-5,000-tons (16-days $2,350)
  • License Prep 500/1600-ton Inland (TBD $2,500)
  • Upgrade OUPV to Master 100-ton (4-days $650)
  • Upgrade OUPV Inland to Near Coastal (4-days $650)
  • Upgrade Master 100-ton to Master / Mate 200-ton (4-days $650)
  • Upgrade Master 100 or 200-ton Inland to Near Coastal (4-days $650)
  • Apprentice Mate (Steersman) Upgrade (2-days $450)
  • Master / Mate Fishing Vessel Upgrade (2-days $450)

Other classes that we offer are scheduled once a month as space and time allows.

  • Able Seaman (5-days $750)
  • Radar Observer Unlimited (5-days $850)
  • ARPA (4-days $600)
  • Combined Radar Observer and ARPA (7-days $1,100)
  • Celestial Navigation (200-tons) (10-days $1,200)

Please call (503) 841-6066 or visit our website (www.ColumbiaPacificMaritime.com) for more information.


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