6-pack Fishing Guide License Information

6-pack Fishing Guide License Information

The Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel, AKA OUPV or 6-pack Captain License, is the most common US Coast Guard License held by fishing guides and small passenger vessel operators.  This license is called “6-pack” because it is limited to a maximum of 6-passengers, not counting the crew or operator. The 6-pack license is valid on both Inland and Ocean waters depending on the route issued with the license.

To qualify for a 6-pack license the applicant must be able to document 360 calendar days of experience in the operation of vessels. If 90-days of this experience is on ocean waters, over the bar and past the ends of the jetties, the applicant will qualify for a Near Coastal route and may carry passengers on ocean waters. If the applicant cannot document 90-days on ocean waters, but still able to document 360-days total they will receive an Inland route.

In addition to documenting the qualifying sea service experience the applicant must complete a Merchant Mariner Physical Exam, a USCG drug screening, have a TWIC issued by TSA, and complete an ARC or AHA First Aid/CPR class within one prior to the application date.

Completing our 8-day, $1,050 OUPV course will satisfy the USCG exam requirements for the 6-pack license without taking any exams at the US Coast Guard. Please call (503) 841-6066 or visit our website www.ColumbiaPacificMaritime.com for more information.


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