Unique Captain Opportunity

This captain job is a unique opportunity. I have been told by people who have done it that this is one of the most fun captain’s job they have had.

Brew-barge Captain

  • Job includes maintaining the safety and steerage of a 16 passenger pedal powered vessel. The Brew-Barge operates on the Willamette river, and runs several 1.5 hour cruises daily. Passengers bring their own brews and snacks while viewing  Portland from the water. Our season of operations is April first-mid October.
  • Captain’s who have a social  inclination are preferred as you will be interacting with passengers and crew throughout the journey.

Requirements: USCG master license and Ability to be a team player

Pay:  $25/hour + tips

To Apply: Email Samantha Meyer – sam@brewbargepdx.com Please list your relevant job experience and little about yourself in the email.


About Dennis

Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC
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1 Response to Unique Captain Opportunity

  1. Darroch Cahen says:

    The Brew Barge is the most fun I’ve had as a Captain. My goals and aspirations are for upper tonnage so I am not perusing this position.

    Darroch Cahen
    Sent from my iPhone
    (971) 295-7070

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