How to Renew a Captain License

I get a lot of questions about how to renew a captain’s license once you get it. The renewal process is similar to the original application process, minus the oath and first aid / CPR training.

If you do not wish to renew your MMC, or are unable to renew it, DO NOT LET IN EXPIRE. You can apply for a document of continuity. Putting your license in continuity places it in an inactive status. You cannot work on it, but it never expires. You can renew it at anytime.

Here is an outline of the basic renewal process.

  • TWIC

The TWIC is required for the original issue, but is an option for the renewal of the OUPV or Master less than 100 GRT that operate without a security plan. The advantage of renewing your TWIC is that it will speed up the renewal process by a month or two. To renew your license WITHOUT renewing the TWIC check the top of page 5 of 6 on application form 719B.

  • Sea Service

Document you sea service experience over the past five years using form 719S, the same as you did for your original MMC. If you can document 360 days over the past five years you can renew without any exams. If you can not document the experience than give us a call and we will schedule the one-day License Refresher course. NO course is required if you can document 360 days in the past five years.

  • Physical Exam and USCG/DOT Drug Screening

Take forms 719K and 719P into a Health occupation clinic and get a Merchant Mariner physical exam and a USCG/DOT drug screening, like you did for the original issuance. There are some options for the drug screening on the back of form 719P, such as getting a letter from the drug consortium that you participate in.

  • Application form 719B

Complete the application form 719B requesting a renewal of your National Officers Endorsement. I recommend making a copy of each page in your MMC and attaching it to the form so that the Coast Guard is aware of what you are renewing.

  • Pay and Deliver

Pay the renewal fees online and deliver the application to a Regional Exam Center, If you deliver the application in person than you can pay the fees over the counter, otherwise, include the receipt with the application package.

Links for more information

Email, give me a call or visit the website if you need any help.


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