How to Get Master of Fishing Vessel

Fishing industry vessels less than 200 gross registered tons (GRT) are not required to operated by mariners holding professional endorsements. Those of 200 GRT and greater must hold MMC Master or Mate of appropriate tonnage for the vessel.

Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) endorsements as Master and Mate of Uninspected Fishing Industry Vessels are issues with tonnage limitations of 500 to 5000 GRT. Mate of Fishing requires three years of total sea service experience that includes one-year on vessel greater than 50 GRT. Master of Fishing requires four years of total sea service experience that includes two years on vessels greater than 50 GRT; one of those two years must have been as master or mate while holding an MMC endorsement as master, mate, or OUPV. Reference 46 CFR 11.462 or my website for more information.

Columbia Pacific Maritime offers a three-course sequence that can be taken over 16 consecutive days that will satisfy the USCG exam requirements for Master or Mate of Fishing Vessels with tonnage limitations of from 500 to 5,000 GRT. The total cost of this sequence is $2,200. Mariners holding MMC endorsements may qualify to take the upgrade class or classes only, depending on their credentials.

  • Master 100 ton (10 days, $1,200)
  • Upgrade Master 100 to 200 tons (4 days, $600)
  • Master / Mate of Fishing Upgrade (2 days, $400)

Columbia Pacific Maritime INC (503-841-6066)


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