Do You Need a TWIC?

USCG Policy Letter 11-15 states who is not required to enroll in the TWIC program. The short answer is two part.

  1. If you have NEVER enrolled in the TWIC program than you will need to enroll in it for the original issuance of any Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC).
  2. If you have enrolled in the TWIC program at sometime in the past than you do not need to enroll again, even if you TWIC is not valid, for an OUPV or Master 100 ton endorsements.

If you meet the exemption requirements for the TWIC, and you would like to obtain an original MMC or renew an MMC without the TWIC, than check the box on the Application Form 719B, Section III Safety and Suitability, paragraph 1. BUT read the paragraph; it states that you understand that this could cause significate delays in the application process.


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