Radar Observer Information

Recent changes in federal regulations have changed the Radar Observer endorsement from a license requirement to a manning requirement. Title 46 CFR 11.815 states:

  • All deck officers, including the master, on towing vessels greater than 26 feet and inspected vessels of 300 GRT or more that are radar equipped must hold an endorsement as radar observer.
  • Each person who is required to hold a radar endorsement must have his or her certificate of training readily available to demonstrate that the endorsement is still valid.
  • For the purpose of this regulations “readily available” means that the documentation must be provided to the Coast Guard, or other appropriate Federal agency, within 48-hours of a request to see the endorsement. The documentation may be provided by the individual, or his or her company representative electronically, by facsimile, or physical copy.

To help mariners comply with this regulations Columbia Pacific Maritime provides Radar Observer Unlimited and ARPA classes twice a month; and one-day Radar Recertification classes 7-days a week. More information on radar classes >>

  • Columbia Pacific Maritime – A family operated school of mariners helping mariners since 2006.
  • 10580 SE Washington Street, Portland, Oregon 97216
  • (503) 841-6066



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