What is the Fastest way to get Master of Towing?

I am often asked the question “What is the fastest way to get a Master of Towing endorsement?” The answer depends on what endorsement you have now.

If you hold a Master 500 ton or higher endorsement than all you need to do is get 30 days of training and observation on a towing vessel while completing the TOAR (Towing Officer Assessment Record) and you can sail as Master of Towing on any towing within the authority of your endorsement.

If you do not hold an endorsement as Master 500 ton or higher than you will find this Towing Vessel career path guide useful. This guide will establish sea service bench marks that will help you arrive at you goal of Master of Towing in the shortest possible timeframe. Click here to download the guide >> How to get Master of Towing


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4 Responses to What is the Fastest way to get Master of Towing?

  1. Dennis, I have a Mate 500 (NC) and Mate of Towing, what do I need for my Master 500?

  2. Dennis says:

    You need 360 days as mate on a towing vessel while holding an endorsement as Mate of Towing and complete a partial exam at an REC to qualify for Master 500 ton NC.

    • What’s on the partial exam?

      • Dennis says:

        If you test under the new rules the partial exam includes deck general / safety, 70 questions at 70%; stability problems, 10 questions at 70%; snd mavigation problems, 10 questions at 90%.

        If you sea service for the upgrade began prior to March 2014 and you test under the old rules the partical exam includes rules of the road, 50 questions at 90%; deck general, 70 questions at 70%; and deck safety, 50 questions at 70%.

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