New School Update

newschoolWe will take possession of the new school location on November 8th. Move in will begin the same day and we are hoping to be teaching classes there in December. More news and pictures will follow when we take possession.


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Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC
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6 Responses to New School Update

  1. Lee Anderson says:

    Congratulations! I will miss the basement but I look forward to coming out in the near future to upgrade to Master.

    • Dennis says:

      I will miss it too Lee. However we are going to make every effort to maintain the “family” atmosphere of our basement roots. Watch here for announcements on the open house during the Christmas break and stop by and say hi if you are in the area.

  2. Darroch Cahen says:


    I’m still unclear what the new address is. I’m waiting to take my Radar re-endorsement at the new facility.

    Darroch Cahen 971-295-7070

    Sent from my iPhone (971) 295-7070

    • Dennis says:

      Darroch. The new school is located in Plaza 205 off SE Washington, just two miles from our existing location. The address is 10580 SE Washington, Portland 97216. We will not be holding class at this location until we get approval from the National Maritime Center to do so.

  3. Congratulations Dennis and Pat! Best of Luck!

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