Coast Guard 719 Series Forms

Every Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) application will consist of one or more Coast Guard 719 series forms. When completing these forms take the time to read the instructions on the form and complete the form exactly as outlined in the instructions. Missing or incomplete forms, or forms containing incorrect information can delay the application approval process by weeks or even months.

The CG 719 series forms that are currently valid for use in MMC applications have an expiration date of 01/31/2016. This does not mean that these forms are expired; this expiration date is used by the Coast Guard as a reminded that the forms are up for review. The current forms were issued the end of last year and are valid until further notice.

  • Form CG 719B is the standard application form required for all MMC applications.
    • There is a mistake on this form in Section I, under Next of Kin/Emergency Contact. The line for the contact’s name is missing. The Coast Guard has asked applicants to write the contact’s name in the space above the address line.
    • If you answer YES to any of the criminal background questions in Section III then you will need to complete form CG 719C, conviction statement.
  • Form CG 719S is the small vessel sea service form for documenting sea service.
    • This form is the preferred method for documenting sea service on vessels less than 200 GRT.
  • Form CG 719K is the Merchant Mariner Physical exam form.
    • While this form may be completed by any doctor, doctors as Health Occupation Clinic deal with these physicals often and are better prepared than your general care physicians.
    • When applying for an Ordinary Seaman (OS) rating you may use Form CG 719KE Fitness for Duty Report. This is a lesser exam that applies for the OS rating only.
  • Form CG 719P is the USCG/DOT drug screening form.
    • This form provides instruction and options for drug screening.

Click here to download these forms and get more help on the application process ->>


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