Plan and Schedule Classes Early

General we experience a slow-down of enrollment over the summer, but this is not the case this year. Currently our OUPV and Master 100 ton classes are full through summer and we are booking students for classes in September at this time. So please plan early when scheduling these classes; and while you are waiting for your class to start you should be starting the application process. You do not need to have a course completion certificate to apply for an OUPV or Master 100 ton endorsement. Click here for application information >>

Radar Observer, ARPA, Able Seaman, and the 200 ton upgrade class are available with a month or so notice; One and two day class, like Radar Renewal and Apprentice Mate (steersman), and available with a weeks notice in most cases.

We now offer license prep for 500, 1600, and unlimited tonnage endorsements. This is a distance education class that comes with a flash-drive containing questions and reference material, unlimited email support, and classroom instruction as needed to complete the training objectives established when the class was purchased.

For more information visit Columbia Pacific Maritime, or call Pat at (503) 841-6066.


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