How to Get a Fishing Guide License

The most common license held by fishing guides is the OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel) license. Here is an outline of the Coast Guard application process.

  1. TWIC – you need to enroll in the TWIC program by visiting a TSA operated Universal Enrollment Center.  More information >>
  2. Document your qualifying experience. Use form 719S (from my website) to document your experience. Just read and follow the instructions on the form. You will need to document 360 calendar days; that includes 90 days in the past three years (the rest can be over your entire lifetime); and 90 days on ocean waters if you want a near coastal route. More information >>
  3. Get a merchant mariner physical exam and USCG/DOT drug screening using forms 719K (physical exam); and 719P (drug test). Any health occupational clinic can complete these forms. More information >>
  4. You will need First Aid and CPR training certificates from either the American Red Cross or American Heart Association. More information >>
  5. I recommend delivering the application package to a US Coast Guard Regional Exam Center (REC) in person. This simplifies the process. More information >>

I offer an eight-day course for $900 that will satisfy the exam requirements for an OUPV license. The course is provided Monday through Monday (eight consecutive days) every two weeks. At this time we are scheduling into February 2016, so start planning early. Call pat at (503) 841-6066 to schedule a class or to get help with the application process.


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