License Renewal

A Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) is issued by the US Coast Guard for five years. It can be renewed at any time and up to one year after it expires. To renew an MMC:

  1. Check to insure your TWIC is valid and renew it if necessary. The TWIC is also valid for five years. To renew the TWIC go down to your local TWIC enrollment center and update your digital picture and fingerprints, and your personal information. You will also need to pay the $132.50 fee.
  2. Document your sea service experience using the small boat sea service form 719S. If you can document 360 days of experience while holding the license you can renew without any exams or classes. If you don’t have the sea service you can still renew by either taking a renewal course or an open book exam from the Coast Guard.
  3. Get a Merchant Mariner Physical exam (form 719K) and a USCG/DOT Drug Test (form 719P), just like you did for the original application.
  4. Complete the Application form 719B requesting a renewal of your existing license.
  5. Pay the $95 renewal fee and deliver the completed application package to one of the 17 Regional Exam Centers (REC) around the nation. Delivery can be in person, by fax, email, or through the Postal Service. The renewal fee can be paid in person, by check, or with a credit card using the Gov.Pay website.

When mailing, emailing, or faxing an application makes copies of both sides of you TWIC and all forms, including copies of your receipt. This is not necessary when delivering the application in person.

All the forms along with information on how to fill them out is available on my website ( Please call or drop me a note if you need any assistance.



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