Spring Employment Update

Spring is a very good time to find a job in the maritime industry. The following is a summary update of some of the employment opportunities available on the West coast.

  • Charter Boat Captain Jobs

Tiki Charters needs a couple of OUPV Near Coastal or better captains for salmon and tuna fishing charters this summer. Call (503) 325-7818 for more information or to apply.

Coho Charters needs a Master 100 ton (I believe a 25 or 50 ton license would work) Near Coastal or better captain for the summer fishing season. Call (360) 642-3333 for more information or to apply.

  • Alaska Jobs

Alaska Logistics has been hiring all positions for their Alaska operations and, although I believe the positions have been filled, they are a good company to keep a resume on file with. Call (206) 767-2555 for more information.

There are several fishing and hunting lodges listed on my LINKS PAGE and this is a good time of the year for checking in with these lodges for jobs. Most require an OUPV Inland or higher captain license for all boat operators. These jobs range from operating water taxies to and from remote lodges, to operating small vessels as a fishing or hunting guide.

  • Ocean Tug Jobs

Sause Bros out of Coos Bay has for several different positions available, from cooks to Mates, on their seagoing tugs. Visit www.sause.com for more information.

Brusco Tug & Barge is looking for Mate, Masters and Engineers (they are not advertising for AB, but don’t let that stop you). Visit www.bruscotug.com for more information.

  • Columbia & Willamette River Jobs

The Portland Spirit is a good company to check with this time of year. They hire unlicensed deckhands and Master 100 Inland or higher captains to work on the many different tour boats they operate out of Portland.

The best information I have on Shaver Transportation and Tidewater Tug & Barge is that they will be hiring in October. So I recommend keeping a close eye on these websites for when they are excepting applications: www.shavertransportation.com / www.tidewater.com

If you have some employment information or a job listing that you would like me to post please email the information to dennis@ColumbiaPacificMaritime.com and I will post it for free.



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Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC
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  1. Thanks for the great info Dennis, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an AL baseball cap for your collection!

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