Holding the line on Prices

Columbia Pacific Maritime focuses on US Coast Guard approved courses that satisfy the exam requirements for the Merchant Mariner Credential endorsements required to operate uninspected and inspected passenger vessel less than 200 tons, tugboats, and fishing industry vessels. We pride ourself on affordable prices and small classes that are scheduled often. The fact is that we have not raised our prices since we opened for business in 2006 and we plan to hold our prices for the foreseeable future.

The following is a list of the classes, prices, and frequency of the scheduling that we offer.

  • All classes are limited to a maximum of six students, some classes have a two students maximum, and there is no minimum class size; I am happy to conduct a class for a single student. The scheduling frequency is less during the summer and holidays.
  1. OUPV: 8 days, $900; scheduled twice a month.
  2. Master 100 ton: 10 days, $1,100; scheduled twice a month.
  3. Rules of the Road: 3 days, $400; scheduled twice a month.
  4. Upgrade OUPV to Master 100 ton: 3 days, $400; scheduled twice a month.
  5. Upgrade Master 100 to 200 ton: 4 days, $600; scheduled twice a month.
  6. Upgrade Master Inland to Near Coastal; 6 days, $700, scheduled twice a month.
  7. Upgrade Master to Apprentice Mate: 2 days, $300; scheduled twice a week.
  8. Upgrade Master 200 to Master of Fishing: 1 day, $200; scheduled once a week.
  9. Celestial Navigation (200 ton): 8 days, $1,200; scheduled twice a month.
  10. Radar Observer Unlimited: 5 days, $800; scheduled once a week (4 times a month).
  11. Radar Observer Renewal: 1 day, $250; scheduled seven days a week.
  12. License Renewal: 1 day, $100; scheduled once a week.
  13. Flashing Light: 1 day, $100; scheduled seven days a week.
  14. Assistance Towing Endorsement: 1/2 day, $50; scheduled weekdays.
  15. Auxiliary Sail Endorsement: 1/2 day, $50; scheduled weekdays.

No other school offers a wider range of classes on a more frequent schedule.



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Instructor and Director at Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC
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