Sause Bros. Towing

Sause Bros ( has several openings for everything from Ordinary Seaman (OS) to Mate of Towing. This is a great opportunity for anyone with boating experience to get started on towing vessels. The best news is that the OS requires the mariner to advance to Able Seaman (AB) and/or Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED) “within timeframe mutually agreed upon”.

AB is a deck rating that requires 360 days of sea service experience in the deck department. QMED is the equivalent rating for the engine department that requires 180 days of sea service experience in the engine department. Having both ratings provides much improved employment options, but the down side is that you have to split your sea service experience between the deck and engine room. This means that it takes longer to get the required experience.

Check out Sause Bros website for information on the minimum requirements and how to apply for these positions.



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