Completing an approved “Proficiency in Survival Craft” course to satisfy the USCG requirements for “Lifeboatman” is a requirement for any Able Seaman rating. There are two Lifeboatman ratings; Lifeboatman and Lifeboatman Limited.

Lifeboatman is the most common rating of the two and it is required for an AB Unlimited rating. This class is generally a four day class that provides instruction and assessment in sea survival skills and the launching, recovery and operation of all types of lifeboats, davits and liferafts. This course is required to work as an AB on vessels equipped with lifeboats and for the AB Unlimited rating.

Lifeboatman Limited is a lessor lifeboatman rating and applies to non-lifeboat equipped vessels; meaning vessels that are equipped with liferafts only and not lifeboats. This class is generally a two day class that provides instruction and assessment in sea survival and the launching and operation of liferafts. For mariners seeking an AB Special rating the Lifeboatman Limited class can provide them with a more cost effective solution for satisfying the Proficiency in Survival Craft requirements for an AB rating.



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