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The February 17 and March 2 OUPV and Master 100-ton courses are full with a waiting list. We are now taking reservations for the May 4 and May 18 OUPV and Master 100-ton courses at our new location in Coos Bay. All courses scheduled for May and June in Coos Bay will receive a 20% discount. Industry response to our new location is great and we are taking reservations almost daily for these courses.

There is space available in the following February and March courses scheduled in Portland, Oregon.

February 27 and March 12 upgrade courses for OUPV to Master, Master 100 to 200-ton, and Inland to Near Coastal.

March 16 AB course.

March 23 Radar and ARPA courses.

View the scheduling page of our website, Columbia Pacific Maritime, for a complete schedule of all course offered in 2020. Please call Pat at 503-841-6066 to make a course reservation or for more information.

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Charter Boats for Sale

34-foot uninspected 6-pack charter boat. OUPV or higher license required to operate. Asking $50,000.

38.8-foot inspected 16-passenger charter boat. Master 25-ton or higher license required to operated. Asking $50,000.

Contact Larry Young at 206-488-8021 for more information.

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Why is CPM Relocating to Coos Bay?

There are several reasons why Columbia Pacific Maritime (CPM) is relocating to Coos Bay, the first of which is to better serve the Maritime Industry. By partnering with South Western Oregon Community College (SWOCC) in Coos Bay CPM will be able to provide courses that we cannot provide in Portland, such as Firefighting, Medical Care, and Basic Training.

Last week Pat and I were in Coos Bay on school business and discovered an unexpected benefit. The cost of food and lodging is less than half of the cost in Portland. Clean rooms are available for as little as $350 per week. Just one more reason to do business in Coos Bay.

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Captain needed for Hat Island Ferry

A Captain and Relief Captain are need for our ferry the Hat Express.  The Hat Express runs Thu-Sun from Everett, WA to Hat Island.  The vessel has twin screws and requires a Master 100-ton Inland license to operate.  A new ferry is being built by Armstrong Marine which we should have in service by the fall of 2020.  Any interested please contact Kim Gleason (360) 444-66144 or email

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Classes in Coos Bay

Columbia Pacific Maritime will be providing classes in Coos Bay starting May 4, 2020. To celebrate our new location we will be offering a 20% discount on all classes during the months of May and June. Call soon to reserve your space. (503) 841-6066.

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Small Craft Operator Need – Veteran Preferred

The Portland District of the US Army Corp of Engineers has an open position for a Small Craft Operator (XF-5786-11) in the Astoria, Oregon field office. Qualified applicants will be a veteran with a DD-214 or current/former federal employee with SF-50.

Click on this link for more information >>

Contact Daniel Geye, Small Craft Operator US Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District at 503-808-5462 for application information.

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Renewal of Towing Officer Endorsements

Recent changes to federal regulations have resulted in some changes to the renewal requirements for Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) Towing Officer Endorsements.

46 CFR 10.227 Requirements for renewal paragraph (e)(6) states that:

An applicant for renewal of an endorsement as master or mate (pilot) of towing vessels, in addition to the other requirements in this paragraph, must also submit satisfactory evidence of having completed a practical demonstration of maneuvering and handling a towing vessel to the satisfaction of a designated examiner; OR ongoing participation in training and drills during the validity of the license or MMC being renewed.

46 CFR 11.480 Radar Observer paragraph (g) states that:

The Coast Guard will accept on-board training and experience through acceptable documentary evidence of 1 year of relevant sea service within the last 5 years in a position that routinely uses radar for navigation and collision avoidance purposes on vessels equipped with radar as meeting the refresher or re-certification requirements of paragraph (d) of this section. This also applies to mariners applying for raises of grade or new endorsements under 46 CFR 10.231.

When renewing an MMC Towing Officer Endorsement the sea service letter from the company should document a minimum of 360-days of experience in past five years AND should include the statement that the Towing Officer “participated in ongoing drills and training onboard the towing vessel” AND that the Towing Officer “routinely used radar for navigation and collision avoidance”.

Columbia Pacific Maritime – we are here to help.

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